YOU (Netflix): the recap of season 2, before diving into season 3

You season 3

Penn Badgley himself tells in this Netflix video how Joe ended up in the suburbs of San Francisco. But under the idyllic way …

Joe is baaack! Netflix’s subscribers’ favorite psychopath returns to the platform today with season 3 of YOU, a year after deciding to marry Love and moving to this “rich and soulless” suburb of San Francisco, in her own words.

To refresh our memory, Penn badgley narrates himself a little recap of season 2. He returns in particular to his painful childhood, his assumed crimes, then his relationship with Love (Victoria Pedretti), until his life as a husband, in which he does not count himself eternalize. Because Joe is convinced that his soulmate is there somewhere, waiting for him. And no, obviously, it’s not Love …

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