Yvan Attal explores Human Things in his new film [bande-annonce]

The screenplay is taken from the novel Les Choses Humaines by Karine Tuil.

“Hello, judicial police. Are you Alexandre Farel?”

So begins the trailer for Yvan Attal’s new feature film, Human things, worn by his wife Charlotte Gainsbourg and their son Ben Attal. Adapted from the eponymous novel by Karine Tuil, published in 2019, the film questions the contemporary world by dismantling the ruthless mechanics of the judicial machine and by confronting our own fears.

In this film, Alexandre (Ben Attal) is accused of having raped a young woman. Who is this young man and who is this young woman? Is he guilty or is he innocent? Is she a victim or only in a desire for revenge, as the accused claims? Many questions whose answers will become clearer over the course of the story, questioning the very notion of truth. Who is right, who is wrong ?

With a prestigious cast including Charlotte Gainsbourg, Mathieu Kassovitz and Pierre Arditi play the authoritative roles, Human things undermines the individual conscience. Because how can we protect those we love, when our own values ​​are at stake?

The film, distributed by Gaumont, will hit theaters on December 1, 2021. In the meantime, the novel is still available.

Human Things: Yvan Attal adapts the eponymous novel by Karine Tuil

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