Yvan Attal gets back in the saddle with flying colors [critique]

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In 2017, a year after the discordant They are everywhere, Yvan Attal proposed with Le Brio a comedy of reconciliation. We prefer.

The Brio will be rebroadcast this Sunday on France 2. When it is released, First really liked this film by Yvan Attal for which Camélia Jordana received the César for best female hope.

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In 2016, Yvan Attal was venerated. Attested They are everywhere, his corrosive, sometimes embarrassing, comedy about the resurgence of anti-Semitism in France. In 2017, things look better. However, The Brio starts badly, with the presentation of an odious character of a law teacher in Assas, reactive and Islamophobic, who humiliates in public a student from a city. Faced with unanimously outraged reactions and the threat of exclusion, Pierre Mazard is forced to take the fierce Neïla Salah under his wing to prepare her for the annual eloquence contest. The film tells of the taming of one by the other – and vice versa – with all that that entails of definitive anger and forgiveness played out in advance.

On a wire

Agreed? Boat ? Yes, The Brio constantly flirts with the yellow line of political correctness and blissful ecumenism which fears a new Primary. Yes, but there are these tasty (sometimes brilliant) dialogues inspired by courtroom philosophy and rhetoric. This treatment at a good distance from characters prisoners of their condition (him, the cynical intellectual of the beautiful neighborhoods, she, the suburban woman guilty of raising herself socially). This clever and funny way of contradicting with the image the feelings which agitate the protagonists. Finally, and above all, there is a formidable duo of actors, the placid Daniel Auteuil and the electric Camélia Jordana, the latter confirming from film to film a beautiful nature of cinema.

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