Zendaya: “I know the main characters in my films will always be black women”


The actress, soon to appear on Dune, intends to spend one day behind the camera and offer a cinema representative of women, and in particular black women.

In an interview with Vogue UK in September for the October review, Zendaya spoke about her desire to become a director, swapping the skin of an actress for that of filmmaker.

On film sets, she likes to sit near screens and ask questions about shots and storyboards. “I have to hurry to figure out how to be a fucking director“she said to the reporter. “I try, I learn everyday, really. There are so many things I want to do.” explains the one who, rewarded at the Emmys 2020 for her role of Rue in Euphoria, will soon be screened in French cinemas for her role as Chani in Dune by Denis Villeneuve, including First has already predicted success. She has also appeared since 2017 in the skin of MJ, uninhibited girlfriend of Peter Parker aka Spider-Man.

Addressing the question of the lives of black women in the United States at the moment, she struggles to find an answer. It is ultimately through her work that she intends to show this life: “If I ever become a director, I know the main characters in my films will always be black women.” It is ultimately his convictions that will allow him to influence cinema, art being “a huge catalyst for change”.

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