Zoë Kravitz claims her Catwoman is bisexual

Zoë Kravitz claims her Catwoman is bisexual
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For her, her relationship with her roommate Anika is romantic. “That’s definitely how I interpreted it.”

Interviewed by the Australian media Pedestrian, Zoe Kravitz and Matt Reeves returned to the creation of their Catwoman for the blockbuster The Batman. Succeeding Michelle Pfeiffer, Anne Hathaway, Julie Newmar, Lee Meriwether or Halle Berry, the 33-year-old actress explains that for her, Selina Kyle is bisexual, and that if she calls her roommate Anika “baby” in the film, it’s simply because they share a romantic relationship. “That’s definitely how I interpreted it”she says of her portrayal of the iconic DC comics character, who has romances with women and men in comics, including Poison Ivy and Batman.

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Yet beyond this short “baby”, this is never clearly shown in the film. The director also explains that according to him, it is up to the viewer to form their opinion on the heroine’s sexuality: “We spoke very early on about all this with Zoë, about her relationship with Anika, and she told me one thing that I love, which is that she was attracted to lost people, because she was her. -even a stray cat. So she takes special care of those who are in need, so that they get out of this situation. Anika is a bit lost, and she adores her. She represents this connection that Selina had with her mother , which she lost. I don’t think we meant all that clearly, but you can obviously interpret it that way. Selina has a certain intimacy with this character, and above all she cares deeply for her, so more than a sexual relationship, I think they were able to create a certain intimacy.”

The representation of LBGTQA+ characters in Hollywood blockbusters is a regular subject of debate, with several major studios having included short references to homosexuality in their big-budget films: scenes that were easy to cut in order to be able to distribute the feature films in question in censoring countries. the slightest reference to relations between two women or two men. This was particularly the case at Disney with the character of Le Fou, in the live version of The beauty and the Beastor at Marvel with one of the two Russo brothers who played a survivor of Thanos’ “snap” in Avengers: Endgameas well as in the last episode of James Bond, Dying can waitwhere Q quickly brings up the fact that he’s cooking a romantic dinner for a man.

Here is the trailer for The Batmancurrently in theaters:

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