Zoom on the VFX of Aline, Lost Illusions and Annette, nominated for the César for best visual effects

A new category, where the Eiffel and Titane teams are also competing.

The Cesar 2022 ceremony, which will be held in just one week, on Friday February 25, will inaugurate a new category: the César for best visual effects. Olivier Cauwet’s teams will be competing there for eiffel and of Martial Vallanchon for Titaniumbut also Guillaume Pondard for Annetteby Sébastien Rame for Aline and Arnaud Fouquet and Julien Meesters for lost illusions. The VFX of these last three films were partly created by the company MPC FILM, which shares videos devoted to their special effects.

lost illusionsby Xavier Giannoli
“Directed by Xavier Giannoli, lost illusions is an adaptation of the novel by Honoré de Balzac, details the presentation below the video, before listing the names of the creators in charge of supervising these visual effects. Our Parisian teams produced the VFX of 175 shots for this film, in particular, among other things, to create sets, so that the streets correspond, for example, to those of the time.” Indeed, most of the alterations here are linked to the sets, sometimes to invent them completely, like the theater reconstituted only in part on green backgrounds. Everything then had to be added digitally: the balconies, the stage, the curtain, and the rising chandeliers.

César 2022 nominations: record for Illusions Perdues, Aline and Annette as outsiders

Annetteby Leos Carax

If the blu-rayAnnette contains an entire bonus devoted to the making of baby Annette, conceived in real life, in particular thanks to the creation of several faces to give her multiple expressions, this video is specifically interested in the digital effects of the film. We see for example that this key character of the film was animated by puppeteers who then had to be erased by computer. This video therefore insists on the CGIs produced in collaboration with several visual effects companies: the MPC branch based in Liège has thus worked with CG Cinéma, SCOPE Production and Wrong Men. We immediately understand that the scene of the boat caught in the storm required a lot of special effects, the waves being broadcast on a screen surrounding Marion Cotillard and Adam Driver while a real ship pitched, hooked to an electrical system. Much like the Super Bowl sequence, with the stadium and the crowd being entirely computer-made. Other seemingly innocuous passages also required digital editing, especially when the two heroes are on stage, or when he crosses American roads on a motorcycle.

Is Annette more of a Sparks or Leos Carax movie?

Alineby Valerie Lemercier

The main challenge for this true/false Celine Dion biopic was of course Valérie Lemercier’s choice to play her heroine from childhood to adulthood. “His body and face had to be adjusted in post-production to match the age of his character.details MPC. Our teams worked for six months to create 521 digitally retouched shots for the big screen, which added a lot of emotion.” As can be seen in this video, the sets also required many alterations, as did the many concert scenes. As for Annetteit was notably necessary to fill the rooms with fake audiences.

Aline: How Valérie Lemercier became “Céline Dion”

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